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As students of Master in Design for Emergent Futures at IAAC Barcelona, this exhibition marks our final and most ambitious project of the master. From including electronics design to hardware design, audio design to visual design, it was a truly multi-disciplinary team effort. Learn more about the humans behind it below.

Tatiana Butts

Tatiana is a creative technologist interested in the intersection of art, technology and sustainability. Generative art, motion graphics, painting, videography and interactive installations are her favourite mediums of expression. 

In her bachelor’s degree in New Technologies for Applied arts at NABA, Milan, she developed skills in video editing, 3D modelling, motion graphics, visual effects, UX/UI design, compositing, creative coding and multimedia art. She graduated with Honours.

Currently, Tatiana is finishing up a Master's degree in Design for Emergent Futures at IAAC (Barcelona, Spain), which focuses on digital fabrication skills and a speculative approach to design. The course's goal is to create a new generation of Designers, where innovation and sustainability are put first.

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Joaquin Rosas

Joaquín Rosas Sotomayor (1991). Designer graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with teaching experience in University of Chile and Universidad Catolica.

Specialized in development of high social impact projects through the use of new technologies,material manufacturing, digital fabrication,sustainable methods and circular economy.

Currently experimenting and researching the relationship between music, fabrication and ecology.

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Christian Ernst

Chris is a multi-disciplinary digital designer with more than eight years of experience. He builds digital products as a freelancer and lectures about design at HTW Berlin. Currently studying MDEF at IAAC Barcelona, expanding his experimental profile.

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